Evolution EX

Evolution EX

The Evolution is the most versatile and reliable helicopter available for fuselage applications. This is the perfect helicopter for custom applications. The center of gravity on this machine is in-line on the main axis of the rotor shaft, which allows for many different types of applications. The low profile frames allow for maximum clearance in any fuselage body. This is the perfect helicopter for those who plan to build one of our scale machines. The mechanics allow for many different gearing applications. These include main rotor RPM’s from 550 to 1650. The helicopter can be flown as a pod and boom and then disassembled for fuselage applications. There are several main rotor shaft lengths to choose from for those special fuselage applications. The helicopter can be fitted with the ASI belt drive system, or our stainless steel tube drive system. The Evolution utilizes many of the same parts as the Mongoose with 3 or 4 point CCPM. It comes with ninety percent metal parts and can be fitted with the free wheel auto rotation hub. Metal frame supports, gyro plate, 12mm main shaft, 2 stage reduction gearing, are all standard equipment on the Evolution. If you desire the perfect mechanics for your scale fuselage application then look no further, the Evolution is for you.

Evolution Specific Parts

Airstar Helicopters vs. The Competition

  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminim
  • Longer Flight Times
  • Higher Payload Capacity
  • Customizable Airframe and Canopy Colors
  • Made in The U.S.A.

We Believe in Quality not Quantity at Airstar International


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  1. Evolution EX Basic ARF

    Evolution EX Basic ARF
    (SKU: A220)


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  2. Evolution EX Custom

    Evolution EX Custom
    (SKU: A200)


    Customize your own Evolution EX to your specifications Learn More
  3. Evolution Kit

    Evolution Kit
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  4. Evolution Kit FBL Rotor Head

    Evolution Kit FBL Rotor Head
    (SKU: A210-FBL)


    Evolution Kit Learn More

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