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Airstar has been an innovator and world leader in Radio Controlled Helicopters and VTOL Vertical Takeoff and Landing technology for the past 25 years. 

Airstar designs, engineers, develops, builds, tests and delivers custom built configurations and cutting edge remote controlled helicopters to US military, international government and civilian surveillance services, fire and rescue agencies as well as world renowned aerial cinematography for movie and commercial production, aerial photography and laboratory / product data testing.

Airstar’s line of helicopters was specifically designed to deliver the most reliable, high performance machines on the market. Regardless of our client’s needs, our team can design a helicopter to meet them.  Our line up includes everything from 3D machines, scale mechanics and bodies, to our line of industrial camera-ship platforms. Airstar’s line of helicopters includes the Mongoose, Evolution, Electric, turbine powered Jet Copter, and the Cam Copter. Each helicopter is unique in design and sets the standard for leadership in the model helicopter industry.

The Airstar CamCopter was made famous for major part it played in Hollywood films like Terminator, Spielberg’s Pauli a Parrot’s Tale, commercials like George Lucas’ Super Bowl commercial and documentaries like National Geographic's award winning Deadly Bees of Assam. AirStar also provides a range of preconfigured camera ships and provides assistance to the remote controlled operator who wants to take their business to the next level with Aerial Photography that will create business for their service to resorts, golf courses, weddings and other innovative aerial photography solutions that will generate revenue streams to their business.

Josef Joebstl

Josef Joebstl is the President and CEO of Airstar International.  In this role, Josef is not only responsible for developing the vision for Airstar, but he also heads up the design and engineering process for all of Airstar’s products. Utilizing his skills as a pilot and engineer, he creates state-of-the-art remote control helicopters by combining innovative design and leading-edge technology.  For more than 25 years, Josef has been making his mark in the remote control arena and has set the standard for excellence. 


One eventful snowy day Joe observed a rescue helicopter landing nearby which helped save the life of a man who had beenseriously injured in an automobile accident.  From that day on, Joe immersed himself in designing, building, and flight testing remote-controlled helicopters at a workshop on his family’s farm.

Years later, by then himself an accomplished pilot, designer and builder, yet still in his teens, Joe adapted those models to larger scale camera-equipped copters, powered by "chain saw" gas engines he configured, and began shooting commercials in Europe for various companies.

Joe was “discovered" by a famous film star, later turned director and producer, who recognized the cost-saving and innovative potential of using models for filming, and was invited to Hollywood to apply his models and piloting skills to the film industry. 

Joe designed the first "model" helicopter capable of carrying an Arri 35 mm motion picture Camera. Piloting this base model, with his adapatable mounts for multiple cameras, Joe was key to filming all the flight scenes for the Nissan car commercial which aired during the Super Bowl in 1995.  He later used the same model to shoot an entire car commercial, also for the the first time, for Nissan on location in Australia.

1994-1995 (Army)
Joe was invited by the Federal Government to demonstrate a large scale model, which featured an eight foot rotor and thirty pound payload that he designed and built.  It was successfully flight tested at White Sands in New Mexico, and several units were purchased.  He also pioneered long duration flight of up to four hours, which was then unheard of.

Airstar was born. Meeting the needs of a niche area that was unfilled at the time - the manufacture on a commercial scale of custom helicopters built specially to the requirements of each customer.  Starting in his garage, and later shifting to his present unit in Moorpark, CA, this led to more firsts.  There he designed and manufactured the first turbine powered helicopter in the world (the JetcopterSX) and a rear engine mounted gasser, specifically for filming, which eliminated the need for ballast and lengthened flight duration.

Aerial Cinematography Experience Highlights

Domestic and International - Lincoln, Nissan, Alfa Romero…all major car companies

MUSIC VIDEOS 1990-1995
Ice T, SnoopDog , Melissa Ethridge

1996 National geographic Mayan Ruins
1999 Deadly Bees of Assam - National Geographic

1995 Powder with Jeff Goldblum
1996 Long Kiss Goodnight with Gena Davis and Samuel L Jackson
1998 Paulie by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Home Entertainment
2002 Resident Evil I with Milla Jovovich
2003 Underworld with Kate Beckinsale
2003 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines with Arnold Schwarzenegger
2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse with Milla Jovovich
2006 Underworld: Evolution with Kate Beckinsale

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Jordan Grand Prix