CamCopter SL

CamCopter SL

Airstar Cam Copter Systems have many television, feature film, documentary, and high- resolution digital photography credentials to its name. The Cam Copter System is a specific design that allows filmmakers to create the once impossible shots. Airstar brings you a new and exciting solution in close range aerial cinematography and video production. Our fleet of unmanned remote controlled helicopters can be fitted with many different types of cameras. These cameras include our custom 35mm cine bodies, HDV video cameras, thermal imaging, and digital still cameras. Whether it’s high speed tracking, flying through obstructed areas, POV shots, or digital still photography, the Airstar Cam Copter System allows production through a full range of motion and complete control. Our highly skilled crew of professionals is dedicated to delivering only high-quality aerial images through meticulous design, planning and location experience. The Cam Copter System has been used in major projects such as Paramount, Disney, Discovery, DreamWorks, Nissan, Honda, Alfa Romeo, and National Geographic, just to name a few.

Airstar Helicopters vs. The Competition

  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminim
  • Longer Flight Times
  • Higher Payload Capacity
  • Customizable Airframe and Canopy Colors
  • Made in The U.S.A.

We Believe in Quality not Quantity at Airstar International


Cap Copter Specific Parts

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  1. CamCopterSL Basic RTF

    CamCopterSL Basic RTF
    (SKU: A400-11)


    CamCopterSL Basic RTF Learn More
  2. Rear Engined CamCopter SL Basic RTF

    Rear Engined CamCopter SL Basic RTF
    (SKU: A410-13)


    The AirStar Rear Engined CamCopteris an industrial helicopter designed to lift large camera systems such as the RED EPIC Learn More
  3. Industrial Turbine CamCopter SL

    Industrial Turbine CamCopter SL
    (SKU: A520)


    For the smoothest, most powerful camera platform available, we fit a turbine engine to our CamCopter giving you the ultimate in performance, reliability, and payload. Learn More
  4. Rear Engine Camcopter Loaded Autopilot

    Rear Engine Camcopter Loaded Autopilot
    (SKU: A420-13)

    Call for Price

    Autopilot Rear Engine CamCopter SL

    Learn More

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