MOORPARK, CA March 21, 2013– Airstar International, a leading supplier of high-end RC helicopters, unveiled a new 3D-Pro helicopter prototype at the recent Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) show in Ontario, California. The features of the Airstar 3D-Pro set to debut later this year include significant structural reconfigurations and enhancements resulting in a machine with lower weight, lower center of gravity, and a more responsive flybarless rotorhead. Additionally, the new model will allow for longer flight times at a lower operating cost when compared to electric or nitro-powered helicopters. By combining innovative components designed to be smaller and lighter with an 800 to 830mm main rotor system, the 3D-Pro is an excellent alternative to current industry offerings. “Our US-made 3D-Pro will be the lightest, quickest, and most responsive helicopter that we have built to date and I am confident it will find its niche in the 3D market,” said Josef Joebstl, President and CEO of Airstar International. “The overwhelming public attention and validation received after showcasing our 3D-Pro at the recent AMA show was confirmation of the appeal to traditional Airstar pilots, as well as experienced 3D fliers seeking new technology and remarkable performance in a well-known American brand,” said Joebstl.


About Airstar International Airstar International is an innovator and world leader in the design, development, and sale of radio-controlled helicopter parts and platforms. Our American-made technology delivers on the performance and reliability that is required and expected for the rigors of flight and the myriad of uses that our customers find for our platforms.

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