Airstar International Attending 20th Annual National Retail Hobby Stores Association Las Vegas Table-Top Expo

MOORPARK, Calif., April 15, 2013– Airstar International, a leading supplier of high-end RC helicopters today announced it will be participating in the annual Buyer’s Expo event sponsored by National Retail Hobby Stores Association (NRHSA).   Airstar will display products, parts and service offerings to the country’s most-respected hobby store representatives as part of its efforts to increase recognition of the Airstar brand.

This year’s annual NRHSA show and expo will be held at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, Monday April 29th to Wednesday May 1st and will be attended by a large network of hobby professionals. The company’s exhibit will feature Airstar’s latest gas and electric product offerings, parts support and additionally will provide information on reseller and representative opportunities.

“Airstar is eager to gain a captive and personal audience with the very stores which are poised to benefit from representation of our robust product line.  The NRHSA expo affords Airstar the very best opportunity to meet and discuss its product offerings face-to-face with potential resellers.  Expo participants will have a 3-day opportunity to discuss the Airstar industry niche, judge its products, parts and service offerings and even see a live flight demonstration Wednesday, May 1st all in this one event,”  said Airstar President, Josef Joebstl.  


About Airstar

Airstar is an innovator and world leader in the design, development and sale of remote-controlled helicopter parts and platforms. Our 100% American-Made technology delivers the reliability and performance needed to assure our product withstands the rigors of advanced flight and fulfillment of multiple use cases. 


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